Filibuster reform/Creeping tyranny

See above links on filibuster reform.  Despite all the noise about the fiscal cliff and new cabinet appointments, this is, in my opinion, the MOST important issue happening on the Hill right now.
The purpose of the Senate is to cool the passions of the House and ensure that minority views are not bulldozed.  That is how our system of government is designed and why the Constitution is the most brilliant document ever written.  Remember how bad the “nuclear option” was years ago?  This is it, revisited. So where is the indignation now?

If I were more cynical, I’d say it’s lacking because the liberal media is too busy fawning over the President and his allies in Congress, and thus not doing their job.  This was a bad idea when Republicans suggested it, and remains so.  I reiterate—where’s the uproar?  But I’ll digress so as to move onto the sexy topic that is Senate procedure.Bottom line, we all need a civics lesson.  Democracy is the worst form of govt with the exception of everything else.  In a pure democracy, the majority rules, and everyone goes along with that decision (the design of the House of Representatives).  But the founders found an obvious flaw in that—–if the decision was to go to war or try to talk peace, and the majority voted for war, do you think the minority that voted for peace would line up and fight as hard?  Would they line up and fight at all?That’s why the Senate was created—-every Senator (in theory) is an island, who can single-handedly stop legislation for more debate to ABSOLUTELY ENSURE that an issue has been gamed out in its entirety.  Gridlock isn’t dysfunction—–gridlock ensures bad ideas go away and good ones are thought out well so that when they are enshrined in law, they have as few negative repercussions as possible!!!!  This is the foundation of the Republic.  Are you beginning to see now the origins of “Democrats” versus “Republicans”?  Democrats are ok with writing laws at the fickle whims of the masses.  Majority rules, they say.  Well, Republicans want to make sure that the (often misguided or misinformed) masses, in their urgency to “get something done,” don’t invariably saddle the nation with unnecessary or asinine laws.  Understanding this, NOW tell me who’s really standing up for the little guy.

It’s supposed to be hard to pass laws, because the founders knew then what we should know now——the more laws, the less justice.If the minority party is robbed of it’s voice and power, and the Senate just becomes another pit of squabbling children like the House, what recourse do they have—-nay, what recourse does ANYONE have, to defend themselves from the onslaught of tyranny?

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  1. This is a good article. A lot of people believe USA is a pure democracy. I blame the school system for that belief.

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